WOLLOW is first of all a statement of love to solid product design and modern culture.

 Modern culture can be noisy and dirty, but at the same time it has the power to create cohesion across cultures and religion. This feeling of cohesion is crucial to create attention about the state of our planet.

 Our design stands on 3 pillars: design, innovation and sustainability in this specific order. 

 We always strive to bring something new to the market with our design approach. We  design under the headline: Re-think.

 Innovation plays a role both in terms of our Re-think design approach, but also in terms of using new and innovative sustainable components and fabrics. 

 Our sustainability mission is to design the best product with the best materials while leaving the lightest footprint possible. We are constantly looking for new ways to optimize our company in a more sustainable direction, not only regarding  our designs, but also in terms of shipping, packaging and social responsibility.